William KIRK was born in Church Coppenhall, Crewe 14 December 1849. He was baptized in St Michaels, Church Coppenhall, 6 January 1850.

He married Mary WOOD in St Michaels, Church Coppenhall, 28 December 1869.  Marriage witnessed by George WOOD and Francis WOOD.

Mary was born in Sutton, 4 June 1850 the daughter of James WOOD and Mary SANDBACH.   Mary died February 1896 in Monks Coppenhall, at 45 years of age.  Her body was interred 1 March 1896 in St Michaels, Church Coppenhall, Coppenhall Parish Church. 

He was listed as head of household in the 1891 census in King Street, Behind Horse Shoe Inn, Church Coppenhall.  At 41 years of age William became the father of Eli KIRK 1891.  Eli is only known about because Margaret DAWSON remembers him.

William's occupation: Stationary Driver 1901.  William's occupation: Engine Driver in Coppenhall, Cheshire, April 1905.  Resided at 95 New Street, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire, at the time of the 1881 census.

William KIRK and Mary WOOD had the following children:

Henry WOOD was born in Davenham, Cheshire 29 August 1868. He was baptized in St Winifreds Chuch, Davenham, 7 September 1868. Henry WOOD was baptised with only one christian name ie Henry.  It is possible that the W was added later to denote his original name of WOOD when his mother later married William KIRK and Henry became Henry W KIRK. There is no evidence that William KIRK was his father. 

He married Esther Frances GRICE in St Michaels, Church Coppenhall, 17 April 1895.  At the time of his marriage Henry gave his age as 26 and his occupation as Labourer.  His address was North Street, Crewe.  He did not give the name of his father.  Esther was 31 years and lived at 68 Beach Street, Crewe.  The witnesses at the wedding were James ROBERTSON and Mable HOLLOWAY.  Ester's father was given as Henry GRICE, Soldier.  Esther was born in Lingard Fort Norfolk 1864.

Henry's occupation: Coach Painter, Railways 1891.  He was listed as head of household in the 1901 census in No 21 Middlewood St, Gorton, Manchester.  Henry's occupation: House Painter in Gorton, Manchester, 1901.  By the time of the 1901 Census Henry had reverted to his birth name of WOOD.

Jane KIRK was born 26 February 1871.

William KIRK was born 6 March 1873.

Enoch KIRK was born Haslington, Church Coppenhall 26 April 1875.  Enoch's occupation: Builders Labourer 1891. At the time of the 1901 census Enoch (25) was living at 6 Morian Street, Coppenhall together with his wife Alice (39).  Enoch gave his occupation as 'Tinsmith'. Alice's maiden name is possibly SCOTT.

Arthur KIRK was born in Haslington, Cheshire 20 June 1877.  He was baptized in St Matthews, Haslington, 5 January 1878.  Arthur's occupation: Upholster in Monks Coppenhall, 1901.

Isaac KIRK was born 16 September 1879.

Minnie KIRK was born No 95 New street, Monks Coppenhall, Crewe 20 November 1881.  She married Ernest MARGINSON in St Michaels, Church Coppenhall, 24 December 1901.  At the time of their marriage, Ernest gave was 24 years, gave his occupationas 'Fitter' and lived at 73 Cemetary Road, Crewe.  Martha was 20 years and living at 'Off North Street, Crewe'. The marriage was witnessed by Arthur KIRK and Elizabeth KIRK.  Ernest was born 1877 the son of Richard Marginson.

Thomas KIRK was born Underwood Lane, Church Coppenhall, 5 April 1886.  Thomas's occupation: Engine Fitter Apprentice in Gorton, Manchester, 1901.

John Stephen KIRK was born Underwood Lane, Church Coppenhall 17 October 1887.  He married Elsie Kirk (Maiden name unknown).  Information on marriage provided by Margaret KIRK  Lived at one time in Reddish.  Moved down south to run a Motor Factory.  Probably south of Birmingham.

Eli KIRK was born 1891.  Eli is only known about because Margaret DAWSON remembers him.